The following massage treatment are available in Chaing Mai; skin detoxification, facial treatment, herbal steam, anti-oxidant body scrub and full body holistic aroma massage.

Thai massage is different from other massage, such as sports massage and Swedish massage and such, since you keep your cloth on during massage. Before you start the massage process you are given a clean set of new clothes that are loose to change to. The process is done by applying pressure on your muscle using their fingers. According to Thai massage history, you are supposed to leave your shoe at the door to the massage room and wait for your feet to be washed before the process begins.

Thai foot reflexology is a massage that apply pressure on particular area of the feet. The massage help to free up blocked energy within the body and produce a deep and unique feeling of balance to a person. The skills were originally passed down to generation through Buddhist monk.

Fah Lanna Spa is the best place to get a massage in Thailand since they offer a wide variety of massage and is located a suitable place.

Chiang Mai restaurants are a value for money

Hotels in the northern Thai city of Chiang Mai are giving their rivals in Hong Kong, Japan, Singapore, and South Korea a run for their money. Accommodation, ambience, food, facilities, and tourist wise they are soon going to be at the apex of the hospitality line. 

The added advantage here is that the hotels’ rooms and suites are so reasonably priced. Imagine hiring a luxurious suite that has all the facilities of a seven-star hotel property including air-conditioning, wall-to-wall carpeting, clean toilets, running cold and hot water showers, refrigerator, mini-bar, coffee making machine, lovely ambiance, and efficient room and laundry service for a wallet-friendly sum. It would be ideal to reside in its suites sometime mid-week at which time there is not much of floating population. 

Weekends are normally crowded. Thais enjoy a laid-back life and take it easy most of the time. The city’s local population is over 250,000. They are food conscious and excel in hospitality. Some of the local cuisine such as Isarn is truly delicious.

 The restaurants here cater to Continental, Chinese, Pakistani, Indian, Korean, and Buddhist culinary delights. Besides, there are a number of steak houses also. Apart from low suite tariff, restaurants cater to an array of spicy Thai and Isarn cuisines among others. Eating is an obsession here. Food is aplenty. In fact, the city’s culinary delights are mind-boggling. Noodle shops, street food corners, fruit shops, and numerous restaurants adorn its streets. 

There are also some old-fashioned bars with an attached kitchen. Its spas, nightlife, go go bars, and massage parlors emphatically rejuvenate the body. Truly soul-stirring. Massive discounts are offered on suite and studio-room tariffs. Experiencing wonderful luxury for down-to-earth tariffs is indeed stupendous. In addition, world-class restaurants serve continental, Chinese, Thai and local cuisine. Their bars tend some of the best spirits and wines. 

The city’s nightlife is exciting. Its massage parlors and spas comprehensively rejuvenate the body. Excellent travel facilities, great sight-seeing and excursions on elephant back further the excitement. Traditional tribes having a unique culture live in its forests and mountains. On the whole this glorious city is an experience by itself. Its main revenue-generator is its unbelievable suite tariffs. This all vital aspect is the platform through which this north Thai city can be decisively explored. Make the Chiang Mai hotel suite a habit. Visit it and experience an aura of warmth and great hospitality.

Basic restaurant Supplies and equipment.

Getting into the restaurant business is surely one of the best decisions you could ever have. People with a passion of cooking and have taken culinary courses or cooking lessons can definitely make it a career path. But in order to run the business successfully, apart from good cooking skills you need the best restaurant supplies as well as management skills.

The market is practically teeming with many stand-alone high quality equipment that are reasonably priced. The most important restaurant supplies include ovens, stove top and storage equipment. Depending on the space availability plus the needs, the model and the design of ovens can be chosen. Convection ovens are used in many places. 

Those who have limited space in their kitchens can choose an oven that acts as both a normal oven and a convection oven. There must also be sufficient space for the burners and broilers. Steam tables are also available in some hotels. This will keep food at a hot temperature for prolonged periods.

Keeping the kitchen well-equipped with sophisticated equipment is a very wise decision. It will greatly aid you in speeding up the work in your kitchen and generally making it capable to meet even larger projects. It is a trend among restaurants to use walk-in refrigerators. Pots and pans are also of equal importance. 

They should primarily be placed at the top of your list of needs. Stockpots of a wide range of sizes and capacities need to be kept in the kitchen. It would also help, if you have a wide range of sizes for saut-pans, sauce pans, Dutch ovens, and skillets to accommodate all those types of dishes you will be preparing. Equally important are loaf pans and baking sheets. You should also have food weighing scales, spoons, forks and other cutlery, juicers, peelers, chopping boards, knives, spinners, can openers, graters and zesters.

Dining out of the house is another fantastic activities people might have on decent weather days. Spring most definitely is an ideal time to have brunch outdoors and it does appear like the outdoors provide a better feel for a dining experience. Garden restaurants are incredibly famous these days in which it’s generally bright and sunny but cool. Diners choose them simply because they can smoke, talk as loudly as they wish, as well as people-watch. It also seems like celebrities select these eating venues mainly because they’re the ideal spots to be seen.

For great garden cafes, landscaping is really important. A beautifully landscaped area is normally reminiscent of great outdoor dining spots where people have their afternoon tea and discuss romantic subjects … or politics. Considering that most people basically set the expectations for the ideal dining experience, most restaurants should strive to produce the matching stylish quality for their customers and one of the methods of doing this is actually by having a landscaped garden where customers can engage in their meal.

Whether you need food items, cooking pans, sitting chairs, eating tables, landscaping or Thank You bags, you will be happy if you find a unique company recognized in your area for restaurant supplies.

About us and the beauty of Chiang Mai Thailand

Hello my name is Angela and I have created this blog as a means to discuss everything Chiang Mai related.

In the country of Thailand you will find the city of Chiang Mai. This city sometimes is referred to as Chiengmai or Chiangmai. The city of Chiang Mai is known to be the largest and the most culturally significant city in the northern part of Thailand. It is also the capital of the Chiang Mai province. You will find this city is situated about 700 kilometers north of Bangkok. It stands near the Ping River and among some of the country’s highest mountains.

Today you will find that Chiang Mai is a very important city for many reasons and one which attracts tourists here as well. Even before the throngs of tourists came to know of this city, it held some historic importance which came about due to its location. The city and its close proximity to the Ping River made the city a well known trade route. Also as a result of this trade route, Chiang Mai served as a major center for the production of numerous hand crafted goods. These goods ranged from woodcarving, silver jewelry, umbrellas, jewelry and other intricate handcrafted goods.

In the city you will find there are numerous places to see and activities that you can take part in. For people who love the idea of seeing how animals live after dark you should come to the worlds 3rd nocturnal zoo. Here you will be able to see many different animals. There are three zones where you can begin your tour. Which are the Jaguar Trail Zone, the Savanna Zone and the Predator Prowl Zone.

In the Predator Prowl Zone you will see tigers, Asiatic Black bears, crocodiles, lions and many others carnivorous animals. All in all you will be able to see over 27 species and 200 different types of carnivorous animals. Within the Savanna Zone you will be able to look at animals that generally live in the African savanna. Here you will be able to see about 34 species and 320 different animals like wildebeests, white rhinoceroses, giraffes, zebras and many others.

The final area of the Chiang Mai Night Life Safari is that of the Jaguar Trail Zone. In this zone you will see over 400 animals. There will also be 50 rare smaller animal species to see here. This final trail is a walking trails around 1.2 kilometer Swan Lake. The environment that you will find here is that of enchanting flower gardens. The various animals that you will see here include ones like Brazilian Tapirs, Capybaras, White Tigers, Jaguars, fishing cats, miniature horses, squirrel monkeys, crowned cranes, and clouded leopards to name but a few.

With wonderful places like this you will see why Chiang Mai is a great place to visit. Since there are many other wonders which await you in this city you may want to see about coming here as soon as possible. Here in Chiang Mai you will feel as if you are in another world.

I hope you enjoy my blog. Angela x